Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Well yesterday was fun, I got nothing done.  I woke up to the sounds of crashing waves and howling winds, which is a common occurrence here.  Only problem was it just kept getting worse.  At around half ten the electricity went off, another common occurrence down here in the middle of nowhere.  But for some reason rather than waiting for the usual hour or so for the power to return, nothing happened!  We had go without electricity until around ten fifteen at night, and then it kept shutting off.  So with no electricity that meant no cooker or kettle (There is no gas on Islay) or central heating.  So we built up the coal fire and dug out the camping stove. It was quite fun really.  It was a beautiful if wild day. With no telly, no mobile phone and no Internet. We ended up sitting in front of the fire playing scrabble by candle light.

The photo was taken from my bedroom window.

One thing I did see that I would never have expected was as the local bus pulled up and opened its doors a gust of wind blew the two windshields out of the front with a big crash.  So the poor driver had to crawl the bus out of the village with no protection from the elements. Brave man, I think I would have left it.

So when watching the news today I found out that the rest of Scotland had the same sort of day but as we were cut off we just had no way of knowing.  I wonder if I have had a glimpse of what life must have been like on these island in the past?


  1. On Monday I decided that taking the motorbike over the Forth Bridge may have made for an "interesting" drive and stayed home watching the General Assembly while investigating the merits og double glazing sealant strips. Life does not get more exciting!

  2. Brave driver indeed. It might be he'd rather be in the bus than trying to walk in those winds. You def had it much worse than we did.