Monday, 11 June 2012

Hi every one,

Seems I missed a bit out when briefly trying to describe a year in a couple of paragraphs.

I originally applied for the reader ship, as a large part of my calling was a pulling from the pews to the front of the church.  But after leading worship over the months I began to realise that that was only part of what God was asking of me.  I needed to serve.

After a lot of reflection and prayer I asked God outright 'what is it you want of me?'

That night I had a dream that I was standing at the front of the church and two men ran towards me dragging a net.  At the end of the net were a few fish.  When I turned around I saw hundreds of fish swimming around.

When I awoke the next morning I immediately jumped to John Gospel, 'Fish on the other side of the boat!'

I realised, Yes I was to lead worship, but it was only part.  I need to look after those already in the church,  But I also need to serve those outside, to take the joy of Christ out to them.

I need to visit lonely people in their homes, the sick in hospital, stand with new parents as their child is baptised, share the last moments on earth with the dieing, leading them to Gods arms.  I need to stand with couples as they pledge their lives to each other in the name of the father.

This I couldn't do as a reader, so after a brief chat with my wife and my session clerk I called 121 George street and changed my application to Full time Ministry of Word and Sacrament.

So that is where I stand at the moment.

The Church has just said Yes I can begin training,  I have an interview soon with Argyll Presbytery before they decide to nominate me.

God Bless.

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