Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Well yesterday was fun, I got nothing done.  I woke up to the sounds of crashing waves and howling winds, which is a common occurrence here.  Only problem was it just kept getting worse.  At around half ten the electricity went off, another common occurrence down here in the middle of nowhere.  But for some reason rather than waiting for the usual hour or so for the power to return, nothing happened!  We had go without electricity until around ten fifteen at night, and then it kept shutting off.  So with no electricity that meant no cooker or kettle (There is no gas on Islay) or central heating.  So we built up the coal fire and dug out the camping stove. It was quite fun really.  It was a beautiful if wild day. With no telly, no mobile phone and no Internet. We ended up sitting in front of the fire playing scrabble by candle light.

The photo was taken from my bedroom window.

One thing I did see that I would never have expected was as the local bus pulled up and opened its doors a gust of wind blew the two windshields out of the front with a big crash.  So the poor driver had to crawl the bus out of the village with no protection from the elements. Brave man, I think I would have left it.

So when watching the news today I found out that the rest of Scotland had the same sort of day but as we were cut off we just had no way of knowing.  I wonder if I have had a glimpse of what life must have been like on these island in the past?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Post services.

Well I did it.  I lead the Sunday services in Bowmore and Port Ellen.  And it was great.  Usually when I get up to the lectern I get a jelly feeling from the waist down.  That didn't happen today.  In the first service there was a little confusion with what hymns were supposed to be sung. (They have their own team that works that out.) But I managed to calm them down, got them to choose and it all ran smoothly.  I felt confidant and apparently I looked like I knew what I was doing.  So after a very quick cup of tea and a lovely chat with a 90 year old lady who was far more healthy than I.  My wife and I had a quick drive down to Port Ellen (about 20mins) and a quick chat on what I needed to work on.  We arrived early, got setup and again everything ran like clockwork.  I must say the lady on the organ who was my contact at the church was amazing.  She set out a rough idea of how the service normally runs, ran through the hymns with me (no problems there) and away we went.  What I found amazing was, as she was playing the hymns on the organ she was also singing and keeping everyone in time and in tune with a beautiful voice. She was wonderful. I will admit at the end of the second service I was getting a bit croaky. But a very good day indeed.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Ok, the terror has set in..

First off I have to apologise to anyone who read my last post (not one on a bugle) I had been taking pain killers at the time and seem to have missed a lot of spelling and grammar errors, so again sorry.  I am currently in my right mind (as well as i can be) so any mistakes on this post are just plain stupidity.

Now I have got that out the way I can now tell you that I am terrified.  One of the Ministers on the Island (OK hes the only CoS minister on the Island) is off the the general assembly next week.  So he has asked if I would cover his two Sunday services this week.  EEEEEK.  Well I said yes.   But my knee's are already knocking.  I have never lead worship to either congregations before and have only attended worship at one of them.  So I have no smiling faces in the pews that I know to give me encouragement. Still I know I can do this I just have to hope that no one can see my knees knocking together behind the lectern.

The first service is at 10o'clock in Bowmore in the Round Church.  Then after a quick cup of tea, I have to rush down to the southern end of the island to Port Ellen to begin again at St Johns at 11:30.  

I know I can do this, Its no different from any of the others services in other churches I have lead, but this feels like a really big step.  I must admit, I admire Rob for his faith, as he has never seen me preach, so he is only going by what he has heard from other people on the Isle.

Well I best be off to practice.  bye for now


Saturday, 14 May 2011

What on earth to write?

Hi,  this is my first attempt at writing a blog.  After i stumbled across