Sunday, 22 May 2011

Post services.

Well I did it.  I lead the Sunday services in Bowmore and Port Ellen.  And it was great.  Usually when I get up to the lectern I get a jelly feeling from the waist down.  That didn't happen today.  In the first service there was a little confusion with what hymns were supposed to be sung. (They have their own team that works that out.) But I managed to calm them down, got them to choose and it all ran smoothly.  I felt confidant and apparently I looked like I knew what I was doing.  So after a very quick cup of tea and a lovely chat with a 90 year old lady who was far more healthy than I.  My wife and I had a quick drive down to Port Ellen (about 20mins) and a quick chat on what I needed to work on.  We arrived early, got setup and again everything ran like clockwork.  I must say the lady on the organ who was my contact at the church was amazing.  She set out a rough idea of how the service normally runs, ran through the hymns with me (no problems there) and away we went.  What I found amazing was, as she was playing the hymns on the organ she was also singing and keeping everyone in time and in tune with a beautiful voice. She was wonderful. I will admit at the end of the second service I was getting a bit croaky. But a very good day indeed.

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