Friday, 20 May 2011

Ok, the terror has set in..

First off I have to apologise to anyone who read my last post (not one on a bugle) I had been taking pain killers at the time and seem to have missed a lot of spelling and grammar errors, so again sorry.  I am currently in my right mind (as well as i can be) so any mistakes on this post are just plain stupidity.

Now I have got that out the way I can now tell you that I am terrified.  One of the Ministers on the Island (OK hes the only CoS minister on the Island) is off the the general assembly next week.  So he has asked if I would cover his two Sunday services this week.  EEEEEK.  Well I said yes.   But my knee's are already knocking.  I have never lead worship to either congregations before and have only attended worship at one of them.  So I have no smiling faces in the pews that I know to give me encouragement. Still I know I can do this I just have to hope that no one can see my knees knocking together behind the lectern.

The first service is at 10o'clock in Bowmore in the Round Church.  Then after a quick cup of tea, I have to rush down to the southern end of the island to Port Ellen to begin again at St Johns at 11:30.  

I know I can do this, Its no different from any of the others services in other churches I have lead, but this feels like a really big step.  I must admit, I admire Rob for his faith, as he has never seen me preach, so he is only going by what he has heard from other people on the Isle.

Well I best be off to practice.  bye for now


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  1. I felt exactly the same the first time I played away, so to speak. I had preached at home church and placements, but the first time I did pulpit supply at a church I didn't know I was wetting myself.
    From my (admittedly, limited) experience, congregations are generally very supportive and welcoming of visiting preachers, especially when training/trying to discern their call.
    Anyway, if Harold Camping is right, you won't need to preach!!!