Friday, 24 August 2012

Day one.

First day of the
Church of Scotland training conference. 
I thoroughly enjoyed myself today.  The day didn't start off to well, lucky I had a plastic bag with no holes in it as the heating was on full on the bus this morning. I opened the window but a lady complained about the draft so I had to close if again. 20mins into the 2 hour journey I could feel my stomach start to protest and I broke out into a cold sweat. I looked at my watch. A hour and forty minutes to go. Oh no. I'm gonna die. I managed to hang on for another agonising ten minutes before recycling my breakfast. A great and wonderful start to the day.

But I managed to find my way from the bus station to the conference without getting list. God bless google maps and GPS.

I got settled into my room and went for a mooch.

Once I found I had access to a kettle the day started to get better  :-)

Then we all went and had lunch. Which was fun. We didn't get to sit with the physicists. A good chance of theological debate missed.
After that the day seemed to rush by in a blur of information overload. But the food was good.

When it come to finance matters I am the one trouble maker as usual.  For our placements we are not supposed to have to travel more than about 15 miles. That won't even take me out of the parish let alone to the ferry port. So travelling expenses and accommodation are going to be a pain. But that is life on the west coast.

When It came to the final worship tonight I could feel myself going cross eyed and starting to nod off.

So I have shut myself away with a coffee. And blogger. For a chance to relax before a shower.
Good night all.


  1. 15 miles seems like a very central belt measure of distance. Mostly enjoying the conference so far, although the last session proved that I'm perhaps not the most reflective sort of person.

    Currently relaxing with irn-bru and a Tunnocks caramel wafer.

  2. Yes, like spot, I can't help but think the whole training program is geared up for those in the central belt - possibly because 3 of the 5 unis are in it. There are other candidates who live or have lived on the isles during their training, so might be worth pinning them down to get advice and support.